Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Checking my Mail

This ritual has never been a daily routine, even in the weeks leading up to my birthday. I figure the mail and the bills will be there when I get to them, and if I collect everything a couple of times a week, then I only have to do my paper recycling a couple of times a week. Plus I can then line up all my bills and know exactly what I need to deal with in the month.
But this week I shall be checking my mailbox with anticipation. My glove and sleeve has been packaged up neatly in a little box and dropped in the mail. And in that little box with be the MOST relief one can imagine. Relief from sitting in front of the tv without being able to do any hand quilting! Relief from wrapping my arm one or two, or three times (on a bad day)a day, relief from wrapping my fingers with gauze bandages that catch on things and get dirty and look yucky, relief from the stares of well meaning people who come up to me and ask if I've burned myself and then want to know what the deal is with everything.
Geez. Total strangers asking what happened and when I share "a side effect from my cancer surgery/radiation", they start asking all kinds of questions about that. So far I've been patient, I haven't flipped off at someone by saying "none of your business" even when they are staring at my boob, wondering if it's mine or not!
Life will get back to some normalicy once I can move forward with this treatment and the compression bandages have been doing their job, that is the up side of all of this. Measurements are smaller every time I'm at Physio so that is the driving force to keep at this!
So Mr Postman, please look and see,
If there's a package in your bag for me,
Please look and see........Mr Postman.....


  1. That is a relief! I guess curiosity isn't always a good attribute in some people (in certain situations), I went through a similar feeling towards it when my eczema used to flare.
    My fingers are crossed that you'll see it soon!


  2. Hope your sleeve arrives soon! Having issues getting my photos from the 3-day up on my blog. I am going to make a picassa web album and will email them to you. I want to share them with you since you were a huge part of my fundraising experience.

    Hope you are doing well today!

  3. Congratulations you've won an award! I am deeply touched by your writing and your journey. Scoot over to Stalking Sunsets to pick up your award.