Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Observations of Humans

You might think this post title has nothing to do with this blog, but when you've finished reading it, you may look at things a little differently in your daily life.
Saturday I got up and got myself organized to head out to the grocery store 10 miles from my house. I stopped at Betsy's to pick up some things, a table and chairs and a cash box and headed off.
I got my little corner all set up, I had this quilt hanging as my backdrop and I was selling raffle tickets on this quilt to raise funds for the Susan G Koman 3 day/60 mile walk for Breast Cancer.
The tickets are $2.00 each and no one can argue the good work that the Komen Foundation has done over the past 20+ years.
OK, back to my human observation. There is a coffee shop, it's name is not relavant, but it starts with a S and ends with Buck, located in the grocery store and I noticed that quite a few people pick up a coffee drink on their way out of the store. Now I know that a plain cup of coffee starts at $2, the cost of the tickets at my table.
Here is the really interesting part of my story. NOT ONE person who exited the store with said coffee cup in their hand bought a ticket, NOT ONE! What does that say about us? I'm not sure, but I know this observation will stick in my brain for years to come. And it will make me more aware about what is going on around me.
I thought about it and realized I almost always stop and buy a ticket. Not that I think I'm going to win every time, but because my mom would stop and buy a ticket. She taught me that. It's a good lesson to learn. It's not about the prize, it's about supporting the people who are out donating their time and energy for a cause greater than themselves. Who cares if you don't win the quilt, by purchasing a ticket you will help win the race!
OK, so I'll get off my soap box. But buy a ticket next time you see someone selling one!
who is wondering how long it will take for her boob to not hurt!


  1. Sigh, how sad it makes me to know that people just don't give a damn. I personally was not taught to help others, sheesh, but somewhere along the way I learned it on my own - I just wish others were capable of learning it too. As for the pain.....don't know how long it will be, but for all that it's worth, consider yourself hugged! :) tracey

  2. Sharon, so great to see that you are still blogging. I did not get to walk in the 3-day this year but am reminded daily of those who I have walked for in the past and will walk for again in the future.

    The quilt you were raffling off is beautiful!

  3. I buy tickets too. Hmm--I don't buy that coffee either. Wonder what the link is?