Monday, August 3, 2009

Graduation day

Tomorrow is my big day, it's my LAST day of radiation. It's not my last day of waking up and thinking that I have to drive to Bellingham though. I start my physio appointments on Wed, the first of four. (if necessary) I'm thinking, yes, there will be four as any time I do anything for over 10-15 minutes my wrist and hand swells a little bit more. Like typing a bunch of emails, or quilting on my big machine, or doing some hand sewing, or, typing in numbers using the keypad on my keyboard at work. So work or play, they both bother my wrist. Maybe an attractive arm sock will be in my future. Once again, I can be thankful for some things; thankful that I couldn't get into the physio last week when it was over 90 degrees outside! Now that would have been fun with a nylon sock on my arm!
Things are definitely on the healing path, I'm peeling in more places and the "hot" has gone away. Now I'm just warm. If only the twinging, jabbing, twisting itches would disappear. They happen whenever, it doesn't matter what I am doing. Sometimes if I bend over it will happen and be strong enough to take my breath away, and other times, like right now, when I'm sitting down doing some typing, I just feel a "pinching" or "twisting" inside. The first reaction is to try to scratch, I've learned that's the LAST thing to do, that just stirs up a whole other situation!
OK enough of the nitty gritties for today.
Hip Hip Horay,
Tomorrows my last day!


  1. Yay, for you last day! You are a very strong woman, I wish you the best!

  2. HAPPY GRADUATION!! Do they give you a cap and gown?! LOL
    Wishing you the best today!