Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Didn't Buy the Ticket

What a strange deal I have going on. It's been 10 days since this situation has started, I'm on week 2 of antibiotics, working towards a second script of vicadin, I've had 3 ultrasounds and 2 aspirations and I'm still in a bit of a bad way.
Here is the update. There was a TRACE of staph infection, so minute that it could have come from skin cells and it is not the issue here. After taking another ultrasound on Monday morning, Dr. Kaufman was wavering about doing another aspiration. The reason for his hesitation? It will just postpone the inevitable, and that is that this pocket of fluid is working its way to the path of least resistance and that is the scar from my surgery. Within a few days, it will break open and drain on it's own. He warned me that it will be nasty and until it happens, I'm to carry a change of clothes with me. Yes, there will be that much coming out of it. He compared it to having a coffee spilled on me, not the hot part, but the amount of fluid.
Now doesn't this all sound pleasant? Well, not so much. But it is what it is. Dr. K said that most times this happens at night when one rolls over and puts some pressure on the breast area. This will drain almost all the fluid at the time it breaks open, and then it will seep for a couple of days. Once this happens, the pocket inside will start to heal from the inside out to the scar area. There is little concern of infection at the area that breaks open as it will have scar tissue around both sides of it from the surgery.
The other option was to book a day of surgery, get put to sleep, and have the Dr. open it up and drain it in the OR. I'm opting for the natural method, it is definitely not going to be pleasant, but rather that, than being put to sleep. So I'm keeping it until it's better, it is just going to take 3 -4 weeks for that to happen.
I told Dr. Kaufman, "well, I'll continue the journey" and his reply was "But you didn't buy this ticket, did you?" We both laughed a bit and I got on my way to work.

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