Monday, May 3, 2010

The Saga Continues

After a lazy weekend and finishing the round of antibiotics, I'm still not better. Although I am better than what I was, I'm not close to being 100%. Still very red, hot, sensitive, and sore. I was reading somewhere that having had the radiation makes for slower healing. That would make sense, since it kills not only the bad cells, but also the good ones. I'll have to ask Dr. Kaufman this morning. Yes, I have the first appointment of the day with him. Makes me think I'm special. Special is right, this is a crazy situation that the Dr's need to get a handle on and fast. I'm grateful it hasn't seemed to spread into my chest and arm area, the infection center seems to be staying right in behind the incision site.
I am hoping the lab results are back and the Dr. will have an exact species of bacteria that can be targeted and killed with a specific drug. Be hopeful with me!

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