Friday, July 24, 2009


the 28 days of full radiation with no blisters. OK, my arm is swelling, but if that is the worst reaction I have to everything so far, well, I can count my lucky stars. Today the Rad. therapists started realigning my treatments, taking more xrays, and they are getting me ready for Monday, a new day of treatment. They will finish all the marking and measurements and then proceed with the targeted radiation for the next seven days and then I will be DONE!
I told the therapists earlier this week I was sick of visiting them every day and that the next time I see them I'd like it to be in the shopping mall or grocery store. They got a chuckle out of that. Thank goodness for the personalities of the whole group of them, I have had Kris, Laura, Joan, John, and Liz as regular therapists and due to their caring and kind and humorous attitudes and how they treat the patients, they have been the shining light in this ordeal.
Now as for the Dr. , that is a whole other story. I am finished seeing this one, partly because I am at the end of treatment, (almost) but mostly because of his complete disinterest in me as a person and a patient. So I'm skipping my last visit with him next week and will not bother to follow up in a month. I will have appointments with Dr. Kominsky and Dr. Kaufman and I trust that both of them are capable and willing to look at my treatment area and confirm that I am doing fine. The deal with radiation is that no one can look and "see" if it's working. All we can see is the burn lines and see the area that has been targeted and "know" and "trust" that is will work as planned. I have full confidence that will do the job as required.
Today I dropped off my "bitch" prescription, the lovely drug that will give me mood swings and hot flashes and the "effects" of menopause. How wonderful, I will get to test run menopause and then actually GO into menopause in a few years, whoohoo. One of the lucky ones, everyone has to just wait and see how it feels, I get to test drive the effects. So lucky.........
My gal pal Paula K. arrived in town yesterday and a little retail therapy has been booked for this weekend.
Enjoy the day!

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  1. Alright last 7 days, woooooo! What a ride it has been for you ... and you've been able to get through it in a way that I'd hope I could if I'm ever faced with such an event! you're an incredible woman!