Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Thoughts About Cancer

Well, I am in my last full week of radiation, the time has gone by very quickly. Today was red sharpie day. How is it when I get a Sharpie mark on me somewhere I cannot get it off for days, and if I get it on any clothing, just consider it part of the outfit from there on. Yet today, my boob got all marked up with a red Sharpie, many lines zig zagging all around the area that is the new bullseye for the radiation. And today I wore a white cami with a white linen shirt over top. And now my cami has a soft pink circle the size of my boob! How is it that THIS Sharpie came off my skin right away, no washing, no trying, it just did! Oh well, if that is the worst that happens to me then I guess my week is going to be great!
My friend and co-worker gave me a book a few weeks ago, a big Thank You to you, as it is a wonderful book full of really insightful words. I'd like to share one page with everyone.

"Nobody every flunked breast cancer.".... Anonymous

We want to know if we picked the right options in breast cancer treatment, as though breast cancer was some big math test in the sky. We want to know how we've done. We think, God knows, and we'd know too if only we could sneak a peek at the answers in the back of that big black book.
We want to know in order to return comfortably to an illusion. What we are seeking is a way to reembrace the fantasy that we will live forever. But sooner or later we face the fact that when it comes to life, there is no single and certain right answer except the acceptance of uncertainty.
"The only certainty there is in life is what I discover about myself in the process of living it."

So go live your life today, it's here and it's real!

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  1. I love it! It always seems to take a "life changing" event or a trajedy to wake us up and make us realise that this is it, every day is a gift! I have always been envious of the people that realise this on their own and truely live in it each and every day ... and I guess today is as good of a day as any to start!
    Live, Love and Laugh!

    Thinking of you always!