Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 down, 28 more to go

In no time, I will be posting 28 down and 7 more to go. This is referring to my 35 scheduled daily radiation treatments that I partake in. Every morning, Mon to Fri, I leave my house, load up Anna Bananarama the superdog, and head to Bellingham for my 8:35 appointment at the Cancer Center. They process 25 patients per day on each machine, there are 2 machines. Each patient has a 15 min time allowance, so this is one busy treatment center. I like the a.m. appointment, that is working for me. I put quite a bit of thought into what would work for the travel, my job, and my energy level. I made a good choice for me.
So far I have only mild symptoms from the radiation, but the area is starting to show and feel the effects. I"m being very proactive with lotions and potions, cool showers, Dove soap and patting the whole area dry. I have also found the most amazing cami/tank made by Calvin Klein. I bought the only one Macy's had and now have their staff searching for 2 more for me. Three other styles and brands have made their way home and gone back to their retail homes, so I'm holding out for style D3135 :-)
Every Wed I meet with the Dr. after my treatment, and every Friday I meet with the RN. So far everything is on track and I'm doing OK.
Dr. Kaufman gave me stretching exercises to start doing on June 16th and I have full range of motion with my right arm now. It's not pain free, but I certainly won't be going for any physio.
Even though we are in the longest days of the year, my head is hitting the pillow by 9pm or shortly after. I'm keeping myself rested as the longer this goes on, the more tired I will be.
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  1. Hey Auntie S!

    Sounds like it's all going as best it can ... always good news! Can't wait to see you again soon!