Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thank you's!

I need to take this time to thank so many people, Kim B. for the beautiful card, I think you made it especially for me! To my blog followers and commenters, when I see comments, I know you are following along, cheering me from the sidelines! Wanda H. yes, the card said it all, I am on the list! Debbie S. and Chuck S. the flowers are still blooming and your card is looked at every day! Jo B. for the phone calls and cards, I know you are keeping me in your prayers! Kelsey N, wearing pink on surgery day, not just you but your friends and co worker, terrific! Paula K. & Norma T. for the phone calls and cards, we will laugh about a lot of this in Sept! Muriel F, constantly lending me your ear and your support and for making me soup! Michele R. and Eddie L.for following along from the vineyards in Eastern WA, Maizie T. for the laughs we have, yes, my chin is up and my dark circles are gone! Sandra L. and Shelley G. I still have the flowers, they are still thriving and they are beautiful! Lori P. for the pink roses and daisies, I know you are out there cheering me on! My so-workers and drivers ROCK, thanks for the support! The Gorge Guild, I got your card, thanks so much, I'll see everyone in September! Christine N. thanks for the phone calls and the visit, Bill T. for the phone calls and the hugs through the phone lines. Pauline and Shelley, lunch was fun, we should do this more often! Dani F. for being there when I woke up after surgery and driving me places! Annie P. for coming to every appointment with me, giving me kisses when I finish with Dr's and tests, and laying by my side when I had my afternoon naps every day, and for making me go outside for short walks when I wanted to stay under a quilt. And to my Dad, for being with me and helping me out during and after my surgery. Always on the other end of the phone, supporting my decisions, listening to my concerns, keeping me grounded and focused on the issues, not letting me spin with all the "noise" that can surround you in waiting rooms and from people who mean well.
I still have a ways to go, but today I felt the need to send thanks to you all. If I missed you, I'm sorry, Some of the above mentioned won't ever see this, but I needed to say it!

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  1. Awww you are very very very very welcome! It's the least I can do, besides it was fun! Glad to hear all is well and the constant tests for now is over!

    Hope to see you soon,