Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the good news continues......

I just got the results back from my bone scan and there is NO sign of cancer anywhere. These results were cross checked with my CT Scan and NOTHING is looking out of the ordinary. My blood work also came back with nothing showing. Last stop on the superhighway is next Monday, Dr. Kominsky, the Medical Oncologist. After this appointment I will recieve my OncoType DX score and I'm expecting a very low score. This is a test where the lower the number the better things are and I want to be under 10. After this comes back, then I will meet with Dr. Kaufman and we will chart out the next few months of treatment and set the cruise control while I travel the highway to being cancer free!
Whooohooo for todays news!


  1. What fantastic news; you'll really have something to celebrate on your birthday next week.
    Judy (JLP)

  2. Awesome Awesome Awesome! Couldn't have hoped for better news! Glad to hear that everything is going so smoothly ... I can't wait for the first day of "cancer free"! Hope you had a good weekend!