Monday, June 1, 2009

The Final Countdown!

Today was my last test (that I know of) and I'm glad to be finished. It consisted of arriving at the hospital at 9:00 am, doing a tiny bit of paperwork and then heading down to the Nuclear Medicine wing of the hospital. There I got some type of medicine injected into my vein and it was over in about 20 seconds, seriously. Super fast, it took longer for the staff to find a vein in my arm.
Next stop, The Little Cheerful where they make the best breakfast in Bellingham. Yum, I had the mini bacon and egg breakfast with their wonderful coffee, along with a huge glass of water. I had to drink lots of water before going back to the hospital.
After breakfast I made my way to Dr. Kaufman's office for a check up and things are good, still sore, but as my Mom would tell me, "I guess I'll have to keep it till it's better".
Back across the street to the hospital for my Bone scan at 12:30 and I'm right on schedule. They gave me a jazzy pair of striped pj bottoms, but it would have been nicer if the opening in the front actually met together! So this test is super easy, I just layed there and the machine took images of my bones. After the first part was done, the tech started to ask me questions, routine ones. Have you ever broken any bones?
Hmmm, broke my right arm 2 times, bone in my right foot once, fingers on right hand, might have fractured some ribs one summer, yeah, I think that's it. Geez, that sounded like I'm a bit of a clutz!! or accident prone. Anyways, he walks away, comes back and I say, "Oh yeah, I also broke the middle toe on my right foot" We both just laughed. They just want to know for a point of reference.
They finish the second part of the Scan and then sent me off to xray for a few more tests, just to have a secondary look at some of my bones.
So now I wait for this to be read, I should have the results by Wed night, then on Monday I go see Dr. Kominsky, the Medical Oncologist. That is the 8th and then I have booked an appointment with Dr. Kaufman for June 16th. This is when I will have all my results back from every test, including the OncoType DX and make my list and weigh my options and make decisions on my treatment.
Once that is done, then I can get the plan set in motion and get on the road to being cancer free!
Sounds pretty pink, doesn't it?

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