Thursday, May 28, 2009

And the appointments keep coming

Wow, I thought that today I would just meet Dr. Taylor and be gone. Not so fast. Once I arrived, reception got me checked in and the volunteer Elsie got started with all her information and paperwork.
Next came the appointment with Dr. Taylor, who seems very nice. He gave me an overview of radiation and how this part of the treatment has evolved over the past 4 years since we now have the option of having a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy. Based on my situation, the 15 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for 7 weeks is his best advice. They will make a model of my breast, (now who ever thought I would be a breast model) and use this for a targeted plan of attack. I need to have radiation to seek out and kill any free floating cancer cells that may have broken from the pack and are out traveling around in my breast, looking for a place to set up camp and multiply. The radiation is excellent at killing off the individual cells, it just doesn't work for attacking a lump of cancer cells, hence, the surgery.
Third up was Mary, she does counselling and has all the program information. I spent some time with her and when I left, I had a binder full of color coded tabs and sheets of information. I am now set to organize things and keep track of appointments.
Last stop was Cheryl(?) who is in charge of clinical trials. Since Dr. Taylor mentioned the OncoType DX test and I told him I had already signed up for it, he suggested I meet this lady. She works with all the Dr.'s and Dr. Kominsky is also part of this big clinical test. It is being conducted all over the US and Canada. They are trying to collect data on the validity of Chemotherapy for patients who score in the "medium" chance of reoccurance. Half will have chemo and the other half will just have drug therapy. I told her I will be getting back a very low score so I'm sure they would rule me out, but I took the literature just the same.
All this took me until noon, so much for bringing McDonalds back to all the office for breakfast!
I'm going to BBQ this weekend, steaks will be pink in the middle!

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  1. Breast model eh? (wow I really am a Canadian!) Enjoy your bbq, looks like weather is finally sticking to being nice! Can't wait to see you soon!