Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Surgery Town is in the rear view mirror!

Got the Good News! Whoohoo, let the healing continue. That was the best news I could hope for and Dr. Kaufman called me at 8:35 pm to confirm that there was NO cancer cells in the Sentinel nodes and there were CLEAR margins around the tissue that was surrounding the lump of cancer.
He discussed the details of the lump, it measured 2.2 cm so it will be classified as Medium in size, Small is 2.0 cm or less So the good news about that is it was on the very small side of medium. The scale for medium is 2.1 to 5.0 He also removed some extra tissue as the lump was very close to the skin and this tissue tested positive for Stage 0 cancer. Again, the good news is that Dr. Kaufman removed it.
The best defense in this journey is a great surgeon, and rest assured, I have the best. He has been pro active in things and so far the news I am getting is what I wanted to hear. I follow up with him on Thursday and set up the next action, a CT Scan to check my bones, liver and lungs. This is a routine test and I expect all the results to be negative, no reason to expect anything different!
The Pink Journey continues!


  1. Yayyyyy!!! I am sooo incredibly happy to hear that your results came back so well!

    Always in my thoughts!

    p.s. loveeee the toenails!

  2. What terrific news! I've been thinking PINK all week!
    Best, Michele