Thursday, May 21, 2009

Latest and greatest news

So tonight was my first follow up face to face with Dr. Kaufman. It felt really good to hear him explain everything to me again, as well as a bit of new information. The best part of my visit was finding out there is a relatively new test, Oncotype DX, that is being performed on tumors and the results are very helpful in making decisions regarding future treatments. Of course it was my choice to request this test, and he informed me some people do not want to know the results. I chose to have the test done. The tumor has already been removed so it requires no more from me other than my consent. What this test does is give one more piece of information to add to my file when everyone sits down to discuss my further treatments.
In the meantime, I am going to have my CT Scan booked. Once this result is in, along with the above mentioned result, then the Dr.s who will direct me along this journey will be armed with every available piece of information regarding my specific case. This just makes sense to me!
As for the bandages, they are now off, but the incisions are still taped up. To me they look nasty, but to Dr. Kaufman they looked great. During the surgery Dr. Kaufman decided to take some extra tissues which has made the incision bigger than what he had anticipated. Thank goodness he did this, those samples tested positive for Stage 0 cancer cells, aka Pre Cancer cells. I can live with a higher nipple, thank you very much :-)
My arm and underarm is still very sore, I'm still napping 2 - 3 hours a day, but I'm still getting good news along the way.
Staying very positive

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