Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Passed with flying colors

Okay, so I had to have a pre bone scan test. If things come back ok then I can process with the scan. I am positive that this test will come back negative.....it was a PREGNANCY test. So I guess I'm on track for that appointment.
As for the next step, yesterday I picked up 2 bottles of "chalky" milkshakes. I got to drink one before bedtime and then one more for breakfast. I don't think they have WhiteSpot's recipe for milkshakes!
Up and at it this a.m. and like a good patient, I drank the whole second bottle of chalky milk. Really, it wasn't that bad, they've come a long way in disguising barium! Annie and I got on the road to Bellingham and as soon as I was checked in, the hostess with the mostest greeted me in the testing room with......a nice cold chalky milkshake. "Just to make sure your stomach is full" she says. Hey, the bottle I drank was sitting at my throat, I was SURE I was full :-)
This test was a piece of cake, it took 3 seconds for the first pass and 8 seconds for the second one, and then I was done! Piece of cake..... But I would prefer if they held the milkshake on the side!
I'm going back to Dr. Kaufman this afternoon, I'm feeling that my arm and underarm is more sore than it should be, so I'm going to err on the side of an extra appointment. I also got a call from the OncoType DX lab. They have my sample, they called to double check my authorization and verify my info. That test should be back in 10 - 14 days. I watched the short video on their website, very interesting.
I am back at work as much as I can be, but Friday will be the test of a full day as I have no appointments that day! Whoohoo, I'll be the only employee glad to put in a full day on a Friday!
Things are moving along, I continue "to do the next right thing", (I took that line from Michael J. Fox's show on Optimism) This show was worth watching and I'm glad I taped it. I might need a refresher along this journey.
Staying positive, even with my quilting withdrawals.

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