Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's my Lucky Day (yesterday!)

Yesterday I had my CT Scan to check my liver and lungs for any signs of cancer. I went in at 8:30, was out by 9:15 am. Later in the day I went back to Dr. Kaufman for a quick check up. I just wanted to have him check and make sure that the swelling and pain I have been having is in the category of "normal". Yes it is, and ice and IB profen will be my new best friends. While I was there, he checked out my reports and my CT Scan came back perfect, just like I expected.
Today I get to explore a new place that will become a destination point for many days to come, the St.Joseph Hospital Cancer Center. My Radiation Oncologist is Dr. Michael Taylor, his profile is second on this list.
I am confident that Dr. Kaufman would refer me to the best people for my particular situation as a positive outcome is also in his best interest! We were discussing that it would be optimum if my OncoType DX results are back before I meet with Dr. Kominsky, the Medical Oncologist. I agreed, but also confirmed with Dr. Kaufman that I would not be making any treatment decisions until this report is back. That appointment is for June 8th, and that is just shy of the 10 - 14 days that it takes to get back the results.
But the way my luck has been holding out, who knows! Yesterday at Costco, Ric pulled me out of the line up to put my order through, he told me it was my LUCKY DAY. I was quick to agree with him.
If you are following along, post a note, it's quiet in comment land!

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  1. Hi Aunty S!

    Sounds like everything is happening as best it can, and I am so glad to hear it! Pulled out of the line up at Costco? Wow you are lucky, those lineups are insane!
    Thinking of you always,