Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A great day yesterday!!!

This was my last full (sort of) day of work and Debbie and the staff were so fabulous. First Debbie shows up with bunches of pink ribbons and decorates my office door along with a few other doors in the office. We are a trucking company so the craftiness of this is pretty amazing!

Next she shows up with this......WOW, it is amazing. And the card that goes with it could not have been better. I has a special drawer for cards that I save, yes, I know, a bit of a pack rat with paper, but this card will be in the box forever and when I am having a tough day in July or October or even next year, I will pull out that card and put my chin up! Thanks Debbie and Chuck!

Just when my day was about to end, Petie comes in with flowers. Since she was waiting for me to open the card, I quickly pulled out the note and they were from my dear friend Lori P. We've never been close girlfriends in the sense of that statement, but we've known each other almost "forever". The best thing about Lori is that when we all get together, it feels like I just saw her last week. She is one strong lady! These flowers are beautiful, the roses are just like her, pretty and petite.

Now on the to medical stuff. My MRI was AMAZING NEWS. It clearly showed the exact spot of crap (my new C word, Thanks Lisa J.) NOTHING ELSE SHOWED UP. That was the best news possible. So now Dr. Kaufman is going to get a good nights sleep tonight and be well rested for his 8 am patient, me! He does beautiful work, I'm in great hands with him, my dad will be with me right up until I go into surgery and then afterwards Dr. Kaufman will report back to Dad. He will also speak with me before I leave the clinic. Yup, clinic, no hospital for me, that's where people get sick!
Think pink, in fact, us quilters have a color called Double Pink
So double up tomorrow and let's all hope for clean test results!
Have a Double Pink Day

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  1. Auntie S,

    Oh wow that IS great news! That's very sweet what everyone has done for you at your office, looks like you have lots of people around you that love and care for you! I can't wait to hear how today goes, and I hope your recovery is as speedy and painless as possible!

    Thinking Pink!