Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And the plans continue

I just got a call from Dr. K's office and have a plan. I have the MRI tomorrow and barring any findings here are my dates.
May 12, register for surgery then continue over to Dr K and discuss my surgery and lay out that plan.

May 14 check into surgery at 7 am

May 21 Visit Dr. K for Post Op appointment at 5pm

May 26 Return to work

Sounds like a good plan, so everyone get ready. I am asking everyone to wear pink on the 14th of May. Paint your toes, put on pink lipstick, put on pink panties. Just put on the pink, think rose colored thoughts for me, and with everyone out there cheering me on, I will do just fine. And remember, I GOT THE GUY!

So as mentioned, all these dates may change, but here's hoping we follow this path.

Think Pink!

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