Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At the beginning....

For some this may be a repeat of information, but for those of you who come to this blog later in the story, this is the beginning.

I am 46 years young, and I do not need to go through cancer to find out that I love life, I already know that. I also know that I have too much fabric and too many unfinished projects (ufo's for you non quilters)to leave this planet, and besides, that's not in my plan.

So here is my plan, all based on EARLY DETECTION!

I found a bump in my boob in late March and dismissed it, after all, I had just had a mammogram, colonoscopy and a full overhaul, including blood work in Nov/Dec of 2008. Plus, I was raised that if you find something not quite right, keep it for a while and if it hasn't gone away, then deal with it. So when I felt this bump again in mid April, I called my GP (April 13) for an appointment (got in Apr 15th) The last time I saw Dr. Kazmyra, Blaine WA in January, I told her I would see her in a year, I'm healthy and all my tests/exams checked out just fine. Since I was in seeing her, she took me seriously, that this just didn't feel right to me. The next step was an ultrasound, and that was booked for Monday, Apr 20th. After the Radiologist, Dr. Barret took a look at the pictures and did a few pictues of her own, she suggested a biopsy. My response was, "What ever day at what ever time, the sooner the better" This was good news to the Dr as she noted that the clinic has a policy of being proactive and she was glad to hear I was on the same page. My biopsy was booked for Thursday, April 23rd. Nancy, the Ultrasonographer, and Dr. Garrity worked together and got 4 fabulous samples to send off to Pathology.

So then the waiting game. It takes 2 days for testing to be completed so I booked an appointment with Dr. Kazmyra for Monday 3 p.m.. I called at noon, and again at 1:30 p.m. and again at 2:45 p.m. and still no results.....so I had to cancel my appointment and rebook for the next day. Oops, Dr. Kaz doesn't work on Tuesdays, how about Wed? OK, I'm set for Wed......but you all know me and know that there was no way on earth I was going to stew in my pot all day Tues AND Wed. So of course I phoned the office at noon. Yes, the report was in, no, they couldn't tell me the results. Then they called back and told me sometimes Dr. Kaz stops in on her day off, and 30 minutes later they called again, Dr. Kaz is in and she will see me.

I called Debbie, my boss and she turned around from her way home and she met me at the Dr's. I had a plan. If we got good news we were going for drinks, if we got bad news, we were going for doubles! And doubles it was.

While having the biopsy, I asked Nancy who would be a surgeon, should I need one. The first name out of her was Dr. Kaufman, and then she listed a few others. When someone doesn't have to think about a response, you can trust there is a reason. So I asked Dr. Kaz to book me with Dr. Kaufman. She was concerned that I might not be able to get into his schedule as he is very busy and in demand, it might be up to six weeks. Debbie told her to call and get an appointment, and make is soon to make me better. Dr. Kaz came back saying that Dr. Kaufmans office will call me, they are booking into mid May and I might be placed with Dr. Bauchman. The next morning, I received a call from Dr. Kaufman's office and was marking down my appointment time. Saturday at 11:00 May 2nd with Dr. Kaufman Woohoooo! I got the guy!

The guy happens to be President of a consortium of 600 Breast Surgery clinics across the U.S. He is internationally known speaker on the subject, has written and published many papers on the subject, and many other things...AND HE'S MY GUY! So when you hear me say, "I got the guy", and give 2 thumbs up, this is why.

So I have met with Dr. Kaufman, now being referred to at Dr. K, and I have a plan.
I will post the plan later, I need to finish some work, leave early for the lawyers office to sign off on the financial report for Donnie's Estate. I am at the final stages of settling the estate.....

and then be back in Blaine for a meeting at The Wheel House. Bevies start being poured at 5 p.m......Go Canucks, Go!!


  1. I'm thinking of you. You're a tough girl, and you're going to be just fine!! XO

  2. Hello Sharon. Judy set me up so I can follow you. All my love, Grandma June

  3. Hey Sharon. Just got your email and read this. I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and I know you are much too strong to let something like this beat you!!

  4. Hey Sharon, I may be a long ways away but prayer reaches everywhere and I am sending you a bunch of them.....May God hold you in the palm of his hand...Sharon Spencer

  5. Hey Sharon: just finished reading the updates; hope you are feeling better from your surgery soon. Sounds like you are in good hands and are getting some positive results back.
    Have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon. Thinking of you,
    Judy (JLP)