Friday, May 15, 2009

Best results one could hope for!

The best support! Kelsey and her co-worker in pinkAll went exactly as planned during the surgery. We all put on our matching party hats, the great anethesiologist gave me wonerful drugs, Dr. Kaufman performed the surgery, the lab gave us back NEGATIVE results on the lymph nodes, they sewed me up and sent me to recovery.
That's when the party really began. They serve THE BEST soda crackers and cranberry juice you can imagine (they come with a side of Vicadin).....and that's where Dr. K gave me the great news. This test is 85% accurate, so now we hsve to get the next 15% cleared. That will come on Tuesday.
Kelsey and her friend Kayla, THANKS GIRLS, JOB WELL DONE!
I am very glad my dad was with me, Ry guy showed up at the surgery center and gave me a great big hug before things started,(he just wanted to squeeze my boobs one last time) ;-) Dani F. came down and stayed the whole time. How fantastic to wake up with friends and family by my side.
I'm pretty sore, one hand typing here. Dad took me down to B'ham and we got some steaks. He's wearing thin of my turkey for five days plan! Plus for $13 you can get your hair all cut off next door to Fred Meyers!
Bye for now, thanks for all the support.
Think Pink

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