Monday, May 11, 2009

Just way too cute.

I know most of us have seen this email picture before, but I wanted to share it again. Thanks to Maizie for sending this to me, nothing like a big smile from your Monday morning email! Although "cure" isn't a word that is used right now, it would be great if somewhere in the near future it could be used. Survivor is the word, and people are called that right from the beginning of a positive diagnosis
Surviror is the only term to use, we are all surviving our own issues and life circumstances, yours just are different than mine, and now some of my circumstances are the same as some of yours. Because you are all out there cheering me on, I know I will do just fine. I'm still with the mind set that I have had all good news since this trip started, no flat tires, haven't run out of gas, I'm still on the highway with a direct path to the end. Let's hope tomorrow keeps me in the fast lane.
Start planning your Thursday pink!

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